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Veripax Wealth Management, LLC is an independent, fee-based financial planning and investment advisory firm with offices located in Folsom, California. The firm is registered with the SEC and serves clients throughout the United States. We tend to specialize in risk-focused wealth management, retirement income planning, and strategic financial planning.

VWM was founded in 2006 by its principal advisor, Jerry Verseput. After a 20-year computer engineering career, including 15 years as a senior technical manager at Intel Corporation, Jerry felt a strong desire to take the analytical and planning skills from his engineering career and apply them to help people solve financial problems. Although leaving a successful technology career to establish a wealth management firm 2 years before the Great Recession was a challenging and stressful effort, the experience has influenced our current views of wealth preservation, the value of risk management, the need to consider a client’s entire financial situation, and the importance of maintaining a sharp focus on life goals. We are not a “set it and forget it” management firm. Though human behavior tends to remain fairly consistent over time, the financial universe is constantly changing and the set of market conditions that exist in any given year or decade tend to be different than what existed before. This means we can learn from the past, but there is no guarantee that history will repeat in the way and the timeframe we want it to. In fact, it tends not to. Therefore, we are committed to continuous learning and improvement, balanced with healthy skepticism and due diligence. This lends itself to an engineering-influenced style (some would consider this being a “financial geek”).


We’re often asked, “what does ‘Veripax’ mean?” Veripax is combination of the Latin words for truth (veritas) and peace (pax). The name attempts to capture our commitment to honesty and integrity, and our goal of helping clients achieve a sense of peace by gaining control of their financial lives.


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