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Veripax Financial Management, LLC is an independent, fee-only investment advisory and financial planning firm located in Folsom, California. The firm specializes in risk-focused wealth management, retirement planning, and financial planning.

VFM was founded in 2006 by its principal advisor, Jerry Verseput. After a 20-year engineering career, including 15 years as a senior manager at Intel, Jerry felt a strong desire to spend the 2nd half of his career helping people reduce the amount of financial stress in their life and using his analytical and organizational skills to make a difference in the financial world. Although we do not necessarily focus on a specific subset of clients, VFM’s style tends to have particular appeal to technical professionals and those who take an active interest in their investments. We are not a “set it and forget it” management firm. Increased involvement in the markets by the Federal Reserve and other government agencies, the potential for rising interest rates after a 30-year period of falling interest rates, increasing globalization, and many other factors create a dynamic market that does not lend itself (in our view) to static investing. Changing conditions must be analyzed and understood for their effect on investments and strategies, which lends itself well to an engineering-influenced style (some would call this being a “financial geek”). We’re not big on formality, suits and ties, or lapel pins, but we’re absolutely passionate about how to effectively help you accomplish your financial goals.

We’re often asked, “What does ‘Veripax’ mean?” Veripax is a combination of the latin words for truth (veritas) and peace (pax). The name attempts to capture our commitment to honesty and integrity, and our goal of helping clients achieve a sense of financial peace.

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